“Breakfast is the most important meal” is a statement many of us have heard for years both as children and as adults.  So, how do you work breakfast in your home?

Everyone wakes up at X:oo, and we all eat together.
Mom fixes breakfast, and various children eat as they are ready.
Mom is a short order cook fixing whatever each child desires as they ask.
All children eat cereal each morning.

None of these options presented what I was looking to do for our family.  I like the idea of independence and responsibility for fixing, eating, and cleaning up breakfast.  As I have started planning our menus for the week, I have planned 7 breakfasts for our family. However, instead of fixing breakfast for everyone each morning, this is what has been working for us.



I have planned a variety of options.

Cheesy breakfast burritos (Sat/Sun)
12 eggs scrambled and cooked with shredded cheese, served in a tortilla.  Salsa is optional.
Instant Oatmeal
(Even my little guy can put water in the coffee maker to heat for this.)
Bagels and Cream Cheese
English Muffins
Biscuits and Jelly
Canned biscuits are quick and easy.
Cereal (Once a week!)
“Apple Strubel” (Sat/Sun)
(Cut apples into pieces, mix with a little butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, oatmeal, and pecans.  Bake at 350 til apples are baked to your preference.)

I fix breakfast for the family on Saturday and Sunday.  On school days, The kids are free to choose from the menu what they would like to eat.  Frequently all of the kids will choose the same food, but they fix their own meal and clean up after themselves – with a bit of prompting from me.

During this time, I am free to work on last minute details for our school day, check facebook, or have snuggle time with one of my precious kiddos.

I had to smile when I saw this post by one of my favorite bloggers.  She even has a few breakfast plans for sale in her store for a SUPER price if you purchase a plan that is ready to go with healthy recipes, labels, and shopping lists. Check out Kim’s Breakfast Plan Options!