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As I have mentioned recently, I am purposefully focusing on character development in our education this year.  As a result of this decision, I ordered To Every Nation by Kim Sorgius for my 7th grader to use for social studies this year.  I made this choice with a little bit of hesitation, not because of the book, but because my 7th grader has bucked a bit about reading biographies in the past.  Over the weekend I showed my daughter To Every Nation on the Not Consumed web site.  (Here)  She didn’t complain.  (YAY!!!)  Since there are 12 biographies to read , she will need to read 1 biography and complete the accompanying pages of To Every Nation every 3 weeks.  I pointed out to my daughter that when she has completed the biography assigned for a given 3 week period, the rest of the time she can read a book of her choice until it is time to begin a new biography.  My daughter did ask if she could just read all 12 biographies and To Every Nation back-to-back and then read other books the rest of the year.  I find that agreeable, so we made that change of plans.


Monday morning, she began reading the biography of Hudson Taylor.  Two times she has brought up to me specifics about Hudson Taylor that she didn’t understand or agree with, and she did ask if she had to finish the book.  I reminded her that she doesn’t have to agree with every decision Hudson Taylor made, but to finish the book and see how God used that choice in his life or ministry.  Thankfully she continued on without much complaint.

On Tuesday, To Every Nation arrived, and  my 7th grader commented that she liked the book.   (This is good.)   She even commented that she likes the feel of the cover.  🙂  I spent some time looking through the entire book, and I was so glad to see specific character qualities being highlighted for each of the 12 missionaries studied.  These qualities each have a special focus – endurance, virtue, honor, forgiveness, faith, sacrifice, focus, perseverance, service, compassion, patience, and contentment.  What needed topics to cover with our children!


For each Christian Hero biography that is read, Kim has a 2 page biographical sketch, 2 pages regarding the country where the individual served and their ministry, a timeline page, a page spotlighting the quality being studied (including personal application!!), and copywork of a verse that fits the quality focused on.  This makes 8 pages each for the 12 individuals being studied.  I am praying that the LORD will use the study of these missionaries and our God to help my daughter grow and develop her character.

At the conclusion of this class, I plan to post a follow-up post with my daughter’s and my feedback about this class.  Stay tuned!

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