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Today is International Dot Day.  (Really!?)  So without much ado, these are the videos my children are watching on youtube today.

The Dot (book) as a read aloud

Artrageous with Nate – George Seurat and Pointilism (Parts 1-4)

Art with Mati and Dada – George Seurat

Can you see how quickly a unit study can develop from something as simple as realizing it is “International Dot Day”?

This has much to do with why, quite some time ago, I created a YouTube channel.  I do not post many videos there, but we make quite a few playlists.  One of our favorite things is to create playlists of read aloud books.  We have been able to read so many books that we don’t even own as a result of so many great readers who have shared their personal videos.

We also have a set of playlists teaching Plant Biology for Kids, or collecting videos about babysitting for my students to use in their Early Child Care and Development class, or explaining literary criticism terms.  My kids really understand hyperbole after watching  this one.