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I have loved Eric Carle’s books ever since I first became aware of them during my college years.  Yes, Children’s Literature was one of my favorite classes.  Going on to teach Kindergarten just further solidified Eric Carle on my list of favorite children’s authors.

Some time ago I made a playlist of all of the Eric Carle books that I could find on youtube.  (HERE)  I really appreciate that I can find good books read aloud by various readers and recorded for our benefit.  We find it convenient to have them saved ahead of time and ready for when we want to listen to books. While I was looking for more of Mr. Carle’s books recently, I stumbled on a few biographical videos and movies of Mr. Carle’s life and work. I saved these new videos to another playlist. (HERE)  My favorite was the video below.  Mr. Carle’s life story is inspiring.  Since my husband emigrated from Germany as a child, we especially were interested in Eric Carle’s life in Germany.

This week I shared this video with my children, along with the ones explaining Mr. Carle’s collage techniques.  Then while the playlist of his books played in the background we began to make our own collages.

We chose to print out these two silhouettes of birds to use for our collages rather than having to focus on the drawing of the silhouette.  I wanted them to focus on the art of collage.


The bird on the front of this Eric Carle collection is what impacted me to choose a bird as the subject of our art project.


I gave the children very little instruction because I wanted them to be creative rather than trying to model their projects after mine.  We had a little construction paper, and a wide variety of wrapping paper.  I crumpled the red wrapping paper to give it the worn white lines.  Then the kids got to work.

Step Two – Tear or cut pieces of paper to put on the bird silhouette.  Some glued their paper in the outline of the bird and trimmed.


Some tried tracing the outline of the bird on their paper.  That did not work very well.



And some tore or cut pieces of paper and fit them together like a puzzle.


As you can see, they all have individual styles.  We were pleased with each one.  Maybe we are a LITTLE biased.

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One of the benefits of this project is that younger and older children can both succeed.


After my 10th grader finished some of her other subjects, she asked if she could make one also.  I liked that she added extras details to finish her project.


All in all, this turned out to be a really fun morning for us.  These projects are definitely ones that I intend to keep for a long time.

I would you encourage you to try a collage with your family.  If you do, I would love to see your finished work also.