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We have chosen Apologia’s Around the World in 180 Days as our high school World Geography text.  Three years ago, on a whim (or so it seemed at the time), we began a study of the continent of Africa with almost all of our children.  We used the 180 Days text as our jumping off point.  It is so versatile, since it is primarily a book full of questions about the world.

As you can seen this book has some wear and tear.  🙂

We started in Egypt.  We began answering Sherrie Payne’s questions.  We learned about upper Egypt and lower Egypt.  The next assignment was to describe the climate of Egypt.  We did a little research – I had the computer, and we used google chromecast so that everyone could see what I found on our tv screen.  (We love that!!)  I don’t even know if we made it entirely through the first page before we decided to watch Joseph, King of Dreams and Prince of Egypt.  During our study of  Egypt we listened to the biography of Lillian Trasher.  We went online and found that the orphanage which she began in Egypt is still thriving today.  That was an exciting realization for me.  It is a blessing to see how the LORD has preserved that ministry to this day.


At a certain point we began to read the biography of David Livingstone, and we followed his path throughout the continent of Africa.  Day by day, we proceeded through the unit on Africa.  Some days we put more time into this study than others.  It was definitely a relaxed learning time as a family.  In just a few pages, we came on a two page list of Map Activities.  This turned into finding each country on the globe/map.


We discovered that we could find a video on almost every country in Africa by searching on youtube.  I did choose to preview most of these videos, and I do highly recommend that you do so.  Dealing with the countries of Africa, as in most countries, you will find disturbing violence, nudity, and other concerns.  We chose a variety of videos.  Some were tourist presentations.  Some videos helped us to understand the volatile government of specific countries.  Watching these videos about each country grew our knowledge to an amazing depth.  We watched missionary videos, videos explaining wars, videos about natural land formations, and videos from mission teams.

Another blessing for our family is that we had the complete set of Dispatches from the Front videos.  These videos helped us to understand the difficulties that Christians are facing in various areas of Africa.  We learned about the religions of specific countries. We took rabbit trails as they presented themselves in our study.  These 3 months of study were so full for our family.


Our 3 year old personally fell in love with Africa, and especially he has claimed Mali as his favorite.  This study reached his heart.  He could spot just about anything pertaining to Africa when we were out around town.  When he played with rocks in our front yard, he found a rock that was shaped like the continent of Africa, and we still have that rock.   One day I came out to our living room to find him hugging the continent of Africa on our world map blanket.  I pray that God will use this love of Africa for His glory.


Not long after we completed our study, we went to my parents’ home along with my brother’s family.  His wife took my mom and I into the guest room that day to tell us that my brother was being deployed to West Africa for approximately a year.  I am thankful that our study of Africa did not seem to bring my kids to too fearful of a state at the time.  We love the military, and we knew that my brother was in danger.  This allowed my brother to be a witness for Jesus Christ to those who were deployed with him in a very real daily way. While he was there, we were made aware that there were attacks within three miles of where he was.  Of course, it was not “fun”, but what we learned as we studied Africa helped our understanding and concern for my brother and the military units he was with.  We are so thankful that God positively answered our prayers, and my brother arrived back on American soil safely.  Praise God for His protection.  And we also praise God for all that we learned about Africa.  I know I would love to go to Africa some day.

So….we are moving on.  We are getting ready to do a thorough study of Europe.  Looking forward to it!