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I was talking with my 21 year old son this weekend and asked him what books he would recommend for teaching confidence.  With hardly a moment’s thought he said, “Teddy Roosevelt”.  I value his input, so here are two book suggestions.  (That was easy enough!)


In Mornings on Horseback, you will learn much more
about Teddy’s family life and childhood.

As a young child Theodore Roosevelt had listened fascinated by stories of heroes in war. After experiencing battle himself, he was confident his father who had always been supportive would have been pleased at how his previously weak son had fought in the Spanish-American War.  As a result of his principled character and determination, Teddy developed into the intriguing man your family will love to read about.

The Heroes of History biography will give you more of an overview of President Roosevelt’s life, and may spur your child on to want to study this great leader’s life in depth.20161016_163651-1