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A leader without confidence will waver in his purpose.  Without confidence that he is pursuing the right goals the leader will not persevere when faced with obstacles and opposition. For this reason a good Christian leader will find it imperative to follow God and be assured that his goals are aligned with God’s will.  This is not a prideful confidence in one’s own ability, education, or skills.  This is a humble realization that God is sovereign over all and that, in His providence, He will empower you and strengthen you to fulfill what he has called you to accomplish.

Joseph was a great example of one who was confident in God’s sovereignty.  In the book of Genesis we see that Joseph’s brothers did many evil things to him all with the goal of getting him completely out of their lives.  Most of us (maybe all) would have found it extremely difficult to remember that God had a plan for everything if we were sold into slavery by our own family.  Would you be confident in God and His plan if you were falsely accused and thrown into jail?  These and so many other formidable trials seemed to bombard Joseph.  Yet in the end when Joseph is face-to-face with his brothers his statement was, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today. (Genesis 50:20) Joseph showed incredible confidence in God and His control over life’s circumstances. This confidence allowed Joseph to stand out as a leader everywhere that he went – Potiphar’s house, the prison, the palace, and eventually in the plan that saved many lives.

Just imagine how Joseph’s life story would have turned out if he had not been confident that God knew what was best.  He might have found a way to take his own life on the way to Egypt, after all he was going to have to be a slave to foreigners.  He might not have behaved in a moral way when Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him.  He might have just ended up dying in the prison.  He certainly wouldn’t have risen to leadership again, because he wouldn’t have trusted God’s revealing of the meaning of Pharoah’s dream. All of life would have been different for Joseph, his family, the country of Egypt, many of the neighboring countries experiencing famine, and even for Joseph’s father who would have died without being reunited with the son he loved so deeply.


Joseph’s life is a prime example of why confidence in God is extremely valued in a leader. That confidence gives one something stable and unchanging on which to depend. Feelings fluctuate.  Peers change.  Situations overturn. Confidence in God allows leaders to be steady in their direction and care for others even when obstacles arise. Confidence must be taught and encouraged in leadership development.